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Earthquake Early Warning: MEXICO

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April 18, 2014: M7.2 Guerrero earthquake

Mexico City gets a minutes warning in the M7.2 April 18, 2014 Guerrero earthquake

March 20, 2012: M7.4 earthquake

Mexico City gets a minutes warning. The parliment that was in session evaculated in response to the alert.

1991: Public Earthquake Warning System for Mexico City

Mexico City's warning system began operation in 1991 making it the first public earthquake early warning system anywhere in the world. The system uses seismometers along the Guerrero coastline to detect large earthquakes. Warnings are then broadcast electronically to Mexico City where alarms sound. Given the distance of the city from the earthquake source zone, warnings are usually more than one minute.

For a summary of the history of the Mexican system see Espinosa-Aranda et al. 2009

Map showing geographic distribution of earthquakes, sensors, and Mexico City. From Espinosa-Aranda, 2011.


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